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Documentaries and Video Clips

Welcome to BanglaGallery.com video archive. We have put together a selected number of documentaries & video clips related to people, country and culture of Bangladesh. All of our multimedia items are in Macromedia Flash 8 format. So, you must have the latest version of Flash Player installed in order to view any of the videos listed here.

If you are looking for Telefilm, Natok, Bangla Movies and Music Videos, Please visit our Online Videos section of the forum.

All contents are for educational and promotional purpose only. We respect all the artists and their work. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact us using our web contact form located here.


Dateline Bangladesh - During the years 1970, 1971, Gita Mehta was a television war correspondent for the US television network NBC. Her film compilation of the Bangladesh revolution, Dateline Bangladesh, was shown in cinema theatres both in India and abroad.
(207 MB Stream)
Tale of the Darkest Night ( ) -
Tale of the Darkest Night tells the story of the killings by the Pakistani army in Dhaka University. Surviving members and witnesses speak, and bring alive the havoc of that night. The documentary also includes the wireless messages the Pakistani army exchanged that night which a Bengali engineer accidentally stumbled upon and recorded while trying to tune in to the BBC for news of the crackdown in his country.
Second Best Film Award, Film South Asia '03
(95 MB Stream)
Song of Freedom ( ) - Song of Freedom is a documentary film which explores the impact of cultural identity on the liberation war, where music and song provided a source of inspiration to the freedom fighters and a spiritual bond for the whole emerging nation. A group of Bengali cultural activists traveled through refugee camps and battle zones performing rousing songs which capture the essence of the Bengali nation. Directors Catherine and Tareque Masud used original footage by American film-maker Lear Levin, as well as other archival footage collected from the UK and India.
(244 MB Stream)
Tears of Fire - A Documentary by Sentu Roy related to the 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh committed by Pakistan Army and the agents. The director interviews international journalists, activists and expatriate who were witness to the Genocide.
(115 MB Stream)

Liberation Struggle of the Bengalis - A twenty five minutes long documentary by the Liberation War Museum describing the havoc of 1971 war.
(80 MB Stream)

Nine Months to Freedom: The Story of Bangladesh - Directed by S. Sukhdev, a special documentary on the refugee camps set up at the no man's land (Bangladesh-India border) during our Liberation War. The documentary depicts the plight of eight lakh Bengali refugees and tells of the East Pakistan war between Pakistan and the freedom fighters of Bangladesh helped by the Indian army, leading to the creation of the free state Bangladesh.
(200 MB Stream)
Ekush Shotoke Bangladesh ( ) - Based on the book "Ekush Shotoke Bangali" by Shirajul Alam, "Ekush Shotoke Bangladesh" is a documentary by International Historical Network, speaking about the history of Bengalis, the aboriginal people of Bengal and its later inhabitants.
(230 MB Stream)

Videos Clips Collection


  1. Bangladeshi Handicrafts
  2. Pottery Painting


  1. Bangla Movie Clip
  2. Bangla Movie Clip 2
  3. Pather Pachali (Movie Clip)

Famous People

  1. Abdul Alim
  2. Angur Bala
  3. Farakka March with Maulana Bhashani
  4. Jahir Rayhan (Movie Clip)
  5. Kazi Nazrul Islam
  6. S M Sultan
  7. Zainul Abedin
  8. Ziaur Rahman

Games and Sports

  1. Boat Race
  2. Caramboard Game


  1. Dhaka, Zoom In

Historical and National Architechture

  1. Dhaka Zoo
  2. Jamuna Bridge
  3. Kamalapur Railway Station
  4. Lal Bagh Fort
  5. Mainamati (Buddhist Ruins)
  6. National Martyr's Memorial
  7. Paharpur Ruins
  8. Sonar Gaon


  1. Agriculture in Bangladesh
  2. Blacksmith
  3. Crop Harvesting
  4. Fishing
  5. Industries in Bangladesh
  6. Jute Industry
  7. Making of Jamdani Saree
  8. Making of Threads
  9. Pottery
  10. Shellfish Factory
  11. Tea Garden

Memorial Days

  1. 21st February
  2. 25th March

Natural Beauty

  1. Boats and Rivers
  2. Cox's Bazaar Sea Beach
  3. Migratory Birds
  4. Sea & Beaches of Bangladesh
  5. Sundarbans
  6. Tourist Spots
  7. Water Fall (Madhob Kundo)
  8. Water Lilly

Natural Disaster

  1. Flood


  1. Zero Point, Dhaka

People and Culture

  1. Cultural Dance
  2. Cultural Dance 2
  3. Dheki - Rice Grinding Tool
  4. Eid in Bangladesh
  5. Folk Dance
  6. Folk Singer
  7. Indigenous Society of Hill Tracks
  8. Jaatra
  9. Pahela Baishakh (Bengali New Year)
  10. Snake Charmer
  11. Tribal (Monipuri) Dance
  12. Tribal (Romang) Dance Ceremony
  13. Tribal Ceremony
  14. Tribal Ceremony
  15. Village Carnival
  16. Village Life


  1. Bath in the Ganges River (Hindu Ritual)
  2. Buddhism in Bangladesh
  3. Christianity in Bangladesh
  4. Hinduism in Bangladesh
  5. Islam in Bangladesh
  6. Muharram Celebration (Muslim Ritual)
  7. Roth Jatra (Hundu Ritual)


  1. River Transportation
  2. Shadarghat Terminal
  3. Train Journey

War and Related

  1. 7th March Speech
  2. Concert for Bangladesh
  3. Formation of Agartala Government of Bangladesh
  4. Genocide of the Intellectuals
  5. Intellectuals' Slaughter Point
  6. Mukti Bahini
  7. National Anthem of Bangladesh
  8. Surrender of Pakistan
  9. Surrender of Pakistani Army
  10. War of Independence
  11. War Photography by Don NcCullin


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